MOTBThe mother of the bride has an important role before and during the wedding. She is there to support to her daughter as she takes this step in holy matrimony. In addition to supporting her daughter during the wedding, another key role in this process is dressing the part.

Though not as important as the wedding dress, the mother of the bride dress is a special piece of the wedding attire. There are various etiquette rules that are associated with the mother of the bride dress that the mother should adhere to. When choosing a mother of the bride dress, the mother should consider the thoughts of the bride, while still staying true to their individual style. There are a few things mothers of the bride can do to make dress shopping painless and exciting.

Getting Started

The first step in shopping for a mother of the bride dress is communicating with the bride. The mother should be allowed to wear an outfit that makes her feel beautiful but it should also be approved by the bride. Mothers should remember that the wedding day is the bride’s day and they shouldn’t upstage their daughter. The bride may also give their mother tips on how to dress for the big day.

Selecting a Color

The mother of the bride can choose to get a dress in a color that is associated with the wedding. For example, if the wedding colors are purple and gold, the mother of the bride can choose a dress that is either purple or gold. The mother can also try to match with the wedding party. If the bridesmaids are wearing a particular shade of purple, the mother can try to find a dress in that similar hue. The options are endless when picking a color for the mother of the bride dress.

Cut and Style

In the past, the mother of the bride was expected to a frumpy ensemble that didn’t complement her style or her figure. In recent years, many mothers are seen wearing more sexy dresses that are stylish and fit with the current trends. If mothers want to attempt this, they should always consult with the bride. There are many brides that will be okay with their mothers wearing something sexy to their wedding and there are brides that will find it off-putting and insulting to them and the entire event. Even if the mother is insisting on wearing something sexy, there are a few things they should consider. The mother of the bride dress should not be too sexy, where the dress is too revealing and too tight. A key thing to remember is that a dress doesn’t have to be revealing and tight to be sexy.


The mother of the bride is not the only one that has to dress a certain way. It is customary for the mother of the bride to inform the mother of the groom about her outfit. This practice is not for the purpose of the mother of the groom matching the mother of the bride; it is to ensure that the outfits are not clashing with each other. This, however, it not a requirement but it is just a courtesy. It is also customary of the mother of the bride to purchase her dress before the mother of the groom. This practice may seem like a competition and even though it is customary, it is surely not a requirement.

On Your Way

The task of purchasing the mother of the bride dress may be daunting but it can be done successfully with patience and a little insight from the bride. The mother is there, not only to give her daughter away but to be the pillar of strength and support she needs during this time. The mother of the bride dress should make the mother feel, confident, beautiful and proud.